Our History

INOVA_250The Cerebral Palsy Ability Center (CPAC) was founded in 1996 by Margie LeVant, her husband Mike Gilman, and a handful of parents dedicated to providing their disabled children every opportunity to succeed in life. Fifteen years later, we are still going strong!

Several of our founding families had journeyed to Budapest, Hungary to explore opportunities for this children to participate in Conductive Education programs at the Peto Institute. Convinced of the benefits, we founded CPAC to bring this program to our community.

CPAC has worked with the Peto Institute in designing its programs, and our conductors are always Peto-trained. Learn more about the Peto Institute by visiting www.Peto.hu/en.

United_Way_250Since our founding, we have supported families, offered conferences, networked with other CE organizations, and provided summer and year-round programs that have benefitted hundreds of children. We have enjoyed the support of organizations such as United Way and Inova Health System.

Being uniquely located in the National Capital Area, children participating in CPAC programs have come from all over the world. Today, with a number of active CE programs in the United States, we focus most of our attention and resources on serving our local community.