Empowering Children and their Caregivers

We live in an era of incredible promise and potential for those with cerebral palsy. Ultimately, our mission at the CP Ability Center is simple: to empower every child with cerebral palsy – and their caretakers – to reach their utmost physical and intellectual potential.

Over the years we have seen great strides made in the use of Conductive Education strategies. Our ongoing classrooms and summer camps combine to provide children with outstanding opportunities to practice these teachings while also having fun.

“The Ability Center has been instrumental in helping our child understand his potential as well as providing him with the tools to reach it. They have opened all of our eyes to what is truly possible.” John Doe

Our core mission boils down to these four principles:

  • Promote Conductive Education (CE) as a viable therapeutic and educational supplement to the physical, speech, and occupational therapies already widely available in this country.
  • Support individuals with motor disabilities to reach their physical and intellectual potential by providing CE year-round.
  • Work with medical and educational professionals to evaluate program participants and measure program outcomes.
  • Educate interested parties (educators, doctors, therapists, and policy makers) about CE and its benefits.
  • Raise money and attract sponsors to reduce the cost of the program to all participants, especially low and moderate-income families.
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